Flow Sensor base Filling Machine

The electronic micro controlled filling machine is compact and highly efficient machine with elegant look. This multi featured machine meets the GMP requirements of filling for any kind of container.

The flow of liquid is measured and converted in to digital signals, which is being controlled by PLC/HML based circuit.

The entire filling range of 500ml – to – 5 litres or 5 litres – to – 20 litres can be set on the machine without any change part.

Sailent Features
  • No change part required to fill different fill sizes.
  • Very low operating noise and vibrations.
  • Programmable Diving nozzle for foamy liquid as well as for flexi bags. (optional)
  • Zero dripping from Nozzle.
  • Easy detachable pipe line for cleaning / CIP purpose.
  • Better accuracy of 0.1 to 0.5%.
  • Bigger and Bright display in HMI Pannel.
  • Real time Based shift records.
  • Robust construction, Elegant look.

Technical Specifications
Model E-Fill 1HS
Out put (BMP) * 2 to 3 (for 5000 ml)
Electrical Supply AC 230 V Single phase
Compressed Air 4 – 6 Kg/ cm2
Construction Contact parts : SS 316, others Parts : SS 304, Structure : MS powder coated
Application Bulk Filling applications