Net Weight Filler (weight Metric Filling Machine)

Weight filler is best suited for viscous liquids of higher density and filled in bulk quantities e.g. 5kg jerry canes, 5 gallon pails etc. Often times there are products that must be sold by weight for commercial reasons and therefore this filling machines is the easy and best choice.

The entire filling range of 1 litre – 5 litres or 5 litres – to – 20 litres can be set on the machine without any change part.

Sailent Features
  • No change part required to fill different fill sizes.
  • Very low operating noise and vibrations.
  • High resolutions of accuracy by course and fine filling options.
  • Zero dripping from Nozzle.
  • Easy detachable pipe line for cleaning / CIP purpose.
  • Better accuracy of 0.1 to 0.5 %.
  • Auto tare facility.
  • Real time base shift records (optional)
  • Robust construction, elegant look.

Technical Specifications
Model e-Fill -1 HS-W
Out put (BMP) 2 to 3 (for 5000 ml)
Electrical Supply AC 230 V single phase
Compressed Air 4 – 6 Kg / cm2
Construction Contact parts : SS 316, others Parts : SS 304, Structure : MS powder coated
Application Mass Bulk Filling applications