Rotary monoblock glass bottle filling

RFC-GLASS FILL series 3-in-1 tri block machine is composed of glass bottle rinser, filler and capper, with advanced technology of filling Ultra-fill CSD valve which working on counter pressure valves which first evacuate then hygienic filling for long shelf line of product and is manufactured according to fill carbonated soft drink/ beer/ carbonated pulpy drink too production technical requirement. It uses counter pressure filling method & no mesh in filling for higher production rate & maintains a good taste of the product.

RFC series machine is a fully automatic multi-functional combined machine integrating washing, filling and capping into a single body. This machine is equipped with advanced man-machine interfacial control technology with all necessary automation with PLC. It has a special ROPP or CROWN type capping heads to accommodate all varieties of the bottle.

  • Rotary neck holding with UHMWPE change parts.
  • Slat Belt Conveyor on the out feed with the AC Drive and Inspection Table with lighting system & white-black background.(optional)
  • Spring load gripper for rinsing station for smooth operation & less wear on glass bottles.
  • No Bottle - No Rinse - No Fill - No Cap.
  • State of the art latest design Cap/Crown elevator cum orienting system, eliminating blowers, thus no cap contamination.
  • Drive is on chain of gears (Not Indexing Cam) hence low on maintenance.
  • Speed Control by AC Drive.
  • Inbuilt Touchscreen HMI panel devices with variable speed AC Drive for regulation of operating speed during production. Cap Elevator for feeding cap to the chute with automatic operation (optional).
  • Can handle all bottle sizes ranging from 200 up to 1000 ml.
  • Capping is done magnetic ROPP capping heads.
  • Stainless Steel enclosure provided for complete hygienic bottling.
  • Easily openable nozzles for easy cleaning.
Model KRFC-40-GF KRFC-60-GF KRFC-90-GF KRFC-120-GF
No. of Heads 8-8-4 12-16-6 18-18-6 24-24-8
Capacity @ 1000 ml. 2400 BPH 3600 BPH 5400 BPH 7200 BPH
Rinsing Water Consumption
@ 0.2 ~ 0.25 Mpa
200 Ltr / hr 350 Ltr / hr 500 Ltr / hr 700 Ltr / hr
Compressed Air Consumption
@ 4 to 6 Bar
2.5 CFM 2.5 CFM 3 CFM 3.5 CFM
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