Auto Sleeve Labeling Machine (Shrink Sleeve Applicator)

Sailent Features
  • Individual film loading device with dual loading plates.
  • Static less label former made of special plastic.
  • Multiple holding pivots of in feed device ensures smooth feed.
  • Specially designed cutting device.
  • Center to center application device ensures accurate insertion of sleeves.
  • Quick change over.
  • Servo driven applicator.
  • PLC controlled operation.

Technical Specifications
Electric Power 3Ø, 415V
Lay Flat Width 40-240 mm
Cut Length 40-200 mm
Material Thickness 0.035-0.07mm
Material to Apply OPS, PET, PVC, PLA
Speed Upto 150 BPM
Formula of Flat Width Label (Diameter +2)* 1.57
Product Size to Apply Ø25-Ø150mm