20L JAR rinsing filling & capping machine

KRFC - 20L – E-fill Series Machine is a fully Automatic multi-functional combined machine integrating four stage washing, filling, capping & Neck shrink labelling into the single body. The Machine is equipped with man-machine interface control technology with all necessary automation by PLC. With Germany making flow meter & end shout off nozzles you can rely on the accuracy of filling.

The machine is precision build on sturdy welded SS 304 frame completely enclosed in SS sheet and Doors are also provided to facilitate the servicing of machine. The Machine is made compact, versatile and enclosed in stainless steel elegantly matt finished body.

  • PLC controlled machine with HMI type touch screen operating panel.
  • Auto Pusher and Auto Loader of jar with in-feed conveyor.
  • Multiple Wash cycles like hot wash, detergent wash and Normal water wash.
  • Washing water can be recycled & transferred to storage tanks for zero water wastage.
  • No Jar - No Rinse - No Fill - No Cap.
  • Can Be Equipped with Flow Meter Based Filling Instead of Timing Based Filling for better accuracy up to 0.5 to 1 %.
  • Course & fine filling variable option for avoiding spillage & overflow of water.
  • Available with Push Type/Screw Type Capping as per requirement.
  • Speed Control by AC Drive.
  • Cap Orienter bowl for feeding cap to the chute with automatic operation.
  • Capping is done by uniquely designed “Torque Adjustable” magnetic capping heads.
  • Stainless Steel enclosure with an acrylic window provided for complete hygienic bottling.
  • Easy openable nozzles & tri-clamp based piping connections for easy cleaning.
  • Compatible with external washing tunnel, Online Shrink Tunnel, Labeling Machine or Ink Jet Printer.
No. Of Filling Head 1 to 5
Capacity @ 20 Liter 120 to 1000 Jar/Hour
Material Of construction Contact Parts SS 316 & Body Parts SS 304
Heating Type By Electric Heater
Filling Type Flow Meter Based
Washing cycle Normal, Detergent Hot, Mineral Water or Combination
Compressed Air Consumption 5 CFM @ 4 to 6 Bar
Accuracy of filling 0.5 to 1 % (course & fine filling technology)

The machine is having all operations fully automatic. Only empty containers have to be kept on conveyors. Then Automatic Bottle stopper and pusher will activate sensing two nos. of bottles. Once Bottles have been detected, the pusher will push bottles to Bottle loader. Bottle Loader will automatically load bottle in Inverted position in Bottle Cup Holders. Then it will move further for rinsing operations. After completion of four different stage rinsing, it will automatically come below filling nozzles and being filled. Filled bottles will further move for capping and then shrink tunnel.

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