Fully automatic hygeinic filling lines

The quality of juice is not only defined by its taste but also by the feeling in the mouth. The Koldpack dosing systems are the solution for all bottling plants that strive for top product quality and wish to lean on a high-standard premium fruit juice production with hygienic filling lines as compared to the conventional hot filling process.

  • Application: Beverages with fruit components, such as premium fruit juices, mixed milk beverages, fruit juice with fruit pieces or basil seed
  • Processes food pieces or fruit components of all kinds and consistencies
  • Doses fruit pieces with a size of 10x10x10 millimeters independent from the hygienic filling or hot filling process
  • Processes fruit and juice separately and therefore reduces damage on the fruit pieces to a minimum
  • Compact design to accommodate rinser carrousel, a filler carrousel and a capper carrousel on a single base frame.
  • Bottle in feed system with online Hot air & sterilization.
  • Separate transfer zone for bottle transfer for outside atmosphere to hygienic zone with UV sterilization.
  • Laminar air flow inside the machine with 0.3 micron air purity HEPA filters to maintain positive pressure compare to surrounding environment.
  • Fully hygienic pressurized volumetric filling by using magnetic flow meter installed on each filling head that determines the volume of product introduced in each bottle during each filling cycle.
  • Aseptic nitrogen pressurized tanks with automatic pressure & liquid level control for filling give a smooth & consistent flow of product in each filling head.
  • Integrated PLC based CIP & SIP system to perform washing & sterilization of all contact surfaces.
  • COP & SOP ("Cleaning Outside Place" and "Sterilizing Outside Place".) represent all operations pertaining washing and sterilization of all external surfaces of the rinser and filler carrousels inside the microbiological isolator, as well as the sterilization of the whole controlled environment by using high efficiency spray ball valves.
No. of Heads 12-12-12-6 16-16-16-8 20-20-20-10
Output @ 200/250 ml. in (bottles per minute) 60 BPM 90 BPM 120 BPM
Output @ 600/750 ml. in (bottles per minute) 35 BPM 50 BPM 60 BPM
Sterilization PAA (parasitic acid) with sterile Hot water PAA (parasitic acid) with sterile Hot water PAA (parasitic acid) with sterile Hot water
Cap Sterilization Immersive/Spray PAA sterilization with sterile water spray wash Immersive/Spray PAA sterilization with sterile water spray wash Immersive/Spray PAA sterilization with sterile water spray wash

Dual rinser station for PAA /H2O2 sterilization & Hot Sterile Air/Water sterilization for container sterilization.

  • The efficiency of each nozzle is automatically checked by a ’Smart Sensor’ that ensures proper sterilization of each bottle by measuring Temperature, flow, concentration level of solution. Both rinser and sterilizer have been specifically designed to minimize the wear and tear of parts
  • Separate skid mounted system with SS tanks for heating filtration & re circulation of the solution.
  • Pre & post Cap sterile by using PAA wet/ spray sterilization in phase 1 & Hot water sterilization in phase 2 to increase bacteria killing rate.
  • This sterilization technique is similar in many ways to PAA spray sterilization. It replaces the use of nozzles to distribute the sterilant on the cap's surface with a liquid sterilization bath in which the caps are immersed for the required time to reach the desired killing rate.
  • They are then pushed towards the sterile water rinsing zone, to remove the last of the peracetic solution.
  • Separate skid mounted system for heating & re circulation of the solution.
  • Separate skid mounted bottle & CAP sterilization concentrate storage tanks.
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