Cooling tunnnels

The cooling tunnel is completely made from the SS material attached with the outfeed conveyer by using a buffer conveyor used for getting hot bottles from 90/95 degrees to the room temperature of 28-30 Degrees. It is used for hot filled bottles like Juices. Decrease the temperature of bottle by using cold water spraying for cooling gradually in four zones.

Length and stages of the cooling tunnel as described above can be customized according to the practical requirements.

  • Cooling time is adjustable and main motor is controlled by frequency inverter drive.
  • Completely made from SS 304& enclosed by elegant SS matte finish Body.
  • PLC controlled with HMI touch screen panel.
  • Grundfos/CRI make pumps for higher reliability.
  • Each zone has temperature control sensors with individual controls & working at preset values which can change from the HMI screen.
  • Can compatible with pressure less combiner (buffer conveyer) for smooth operation.
  • Stainless steel nozzles with hollow cone spays provide high coverage area for maximum machine efficiency.
  • All the parts including the buffer tank, nozzles, Hose pipe, & pump are connected by tri-clamp for easy disassembling during the cleaning process.
  • Special strainer & filter are provided at the suction side of pump.
Capacity Output 3000 to 12000 Bottles per hour
Effective cooling area 0~1.2m/min
Circular water volume 56 m3/ h
Overall dimension 7000 × 1340 × 1650 mm (L × W × H)
Weight: (Approx.) 2200 Kg
Temperature 80/90°C inlet temp. to 35/40°C room temp. outlet*
MOC SS 304 structure with SS matte finish body
Power supply 15HP 3- Phase 440 V AC
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