Flow meter based filling machine

The Koldpack e-Fill series machine equipped with high class flow meter technology, which provides great flexibility, quick change over time & cover a wide range of filling with higher accuracy of filling. The machine can handle viscous, foamy as well as hazardous product in the chemical, solvent, pharma & food product.

  • The machine can be equipped with either magnetic, pebble wheel, oval gear or mass flow meter depending on product.
  • Can be equipped with nitrogen pressurized tank required no pump & bypass line for filling highly sensitive product.
  • Capable to fill wide range of filling from 50ml to 20 Liter.
  • Course & fine two valve filling technology to achieve higher accuracy with precise filling.
  • S.S 316 contact parts with high temperature resistant food grade silicone seals.
  • Options for N2 pre & post purging for food products.
  • Can compatible with air jet cleaning, capping & automatic labelling machine.
  • Outside openable nozzle to ensure maximum flow rate.
  • Specific design nozzles according to the product to be filled.
  • Deep diving drip free type filling nozzles, no spilling of liquid onto clean bottles & conveyors.
  • Can be equipped with zero hold buffer tank with agitator assembly.
  • User friendly programming with color touch screen HMI panel.
  • Following CGMP Norms.
  • CIP is suitable for the cleaning system.
  • All the parts including the main valve, flow meters, nozzles, Hose pipe,& pump are connected by tri-clamp for easy disassembling during the cleaning process.
No. Of Filling Head 2 to 10 heads
Output drum Per Hour 250 to 3500 bottles per hour
Filling Type By Different type of Volumetric, electromagmetic, mass Flow meter
(Based on product)
Nozzle System Top filling- Bottom Filling
Material Of construction Contact parts : SS 316, Body Parts : SS 304Matt finish
Electrical Supply AC 440V Three Phase
Compressed Air pressure 4 to 6 Kg/Cm2
Filling Range 50ml to 1 Liter
1 Liter to 5Liter
5 Liter to 20 Liter
Conveyer width (mm) 60 – 300
Customization Can be combined with automatic air jet cleaning, filling, inner plugging, capping & sealing
Application Filling of foamy and non-foamy liquids in bottles & containers.

• After giving the start command the appropriate quantity of containers is stopped under the filling nozzles. Then the fillers move down vertically up to the bottom of the container & start the filling process. To achieve more accuracy the machine is equipped with course & fine filling technology which is done by opening two pneumatic valves. The first valve closes after achieving the course amount and the second after the target amount is achieved. When the next lot of packaging is moving in, the fillers wait over the drip tray to prevent the fluid from dripping.

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