Quadra Fill Barrel/ drum filling & packaging line

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Automatic Container Drum, Barrel, IBC Filling Machine with Machine Vision & SCADA Software.

QUADRA FILL is Fully Automatic containers, Drums, Barrels & IBCs Filling & capping system on pallet with multi-layer program, which is composed of co-ordination of Multi Axis and Auto positioning of filling lance and bunghole using high MP industrial AF camera with integrated SCADA for operations.

How it works ?

Automation is done keeping in mind speed and accuracy of filling Containers, Drums, Barrels & IBCs giving high yields. Industrial Grade Camera scans all Containers, Drums, Barrels & IBC's bungs at one go to automatically align filling lance and the bunghole giving speed and accuracy without human intervention. Quadrafill Is a multipurpose machine equipped with automatic capping & sealing also with cap elevator & cap magazine Single point operation with centralized SCADA software having large 15” Touch Screen Kiosk.

Key Features

  • High reliability and durability of the equipment.
  • Can fill HDPE containers, Steel Drums, Plastic Drums, IBC from 20 liters to 250 liters.
  • Fill IBC up to 1000 liters.
  • Fully auto Multi-layer filling & capping up to 3 layers with pallets different combinations.
  • fully automatic servo based cap opening & closing system with cap elevator & cap magazine.
  • Servo operated clamping system to hold containers during capping operation.
  • individual torque measurement record system with alarm.
  • High Resolution AF Industrial camera identifies all bungs at one GO.
  • Camera system can work for any colors and finishes.
  • Tare check, flow rate control for coarse & fine filling operation.
  • Recipe based filling height as per container sizes.
  • Available with varieties of flow sensors line electromagnetic & mass flow based on the product.
  • Anti-drip system.
  • Overfill detection & alarm.
  • Below-surface filling with lance raises with filling.
  • Electro-pneumatic control system.
  • SCADA operated touch screen interface.
  • Unlimited product recipes.
  • Filling Cycle history with reports.
  • User & Rights Management.
  • Detailed Audit Trail with 21 CFR Compliance.
Industries we serve

Customization Options

  • Un-bunging, filling, bunging, Capping & Sealing.
  • Type X Purge System for Inertisation/Purging of gas.
  • Foamy and Non-Foamy Product Applications.
  • Anti-explosion version for Hazardous areas.
  • Different MOC based on area of applications.
  • Fully automatic with conveyor belts for pallets.
  • Customized Filling Nozzles.
  • Controlling product flow to the filling machine.
  • Weighted, mass or flow filling options.
  • High Speed with Double Filling Lance.
  • Integration with previous & next machines.
  • CIP cleaning system compatible.
  • IOT Integration Support.


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