Flow meter based filling machine

The Electronic flow meter Filling Machine is compact and highly efficient machine with elegant look. This multi-functional multi-featured machine meets the GMP requirements of filling for any rigid material container. The flow of liquid is measured and converted in to electronic signals through Flow Sensor, which is being controlled by PLC very accurately. Minimum adjustment required to set different containers capacities. The entire range can be set on the same machine without any changing parts. The machine is equipped with flame proof panel & world class makes flow sensors for higher accuracy of filling.

  • Wide range of flow meters like electromagnetic, mass flow, pebble wheel type, ovel gear, inductive flow meters to accommodate all liquid product filling.
  • Can be equipped with nitrogen pressurized tank required no pump & bypass line for filling highly sensitive product or pump based filling for normal product.
  • Capable to fill wide range of filling from 500ml to 20 Liter.
  • Course & fine two valve filling technology to achieve higher accuracy with precise filling.
  • S.S 316 contact parts with high temperature resistant food grade silicone seals.
  • Options for N2 pre & post purging for food products.
  • Can compatible with manual air jet cleaning & pneumatic capper.
  • Outside open able nozzle to ensure maximum flow rate.
  • Specific design nozzles according to the product to be filled.
  • Deep diving drip free type filling nozzles, no spilling of liquid onto clean bottles & conveyors.
  • Can be equipped with zero hold buffer tanks with agitator assembly.
  • User friendly programming with color touch screen HMI panel.
  • Following CGMP Norms.
  • CIP suitable to cleaning system.
  • All the parts including the main valve, flow meters, nozzles, Hose pipe,& pump are connected by tri-clamp for easy disassembling during the cleaning process.
Model Koldpack E-fill-1H-SA Koldpack E-fill-2H-SA
No of Head 1- Head 2- Head
Filling Range 500ml to 20 liter (with change parts) 500ml to 20 liter (with change parts)
Output @ Bottles per hour 180 to 200 (for 5 liter)
120 to 140 (for 20 liter)
320 to 350 (for 5 liter)
220 to 240 (for 20 liter)
Compressed Air Consumption
@ 4 to 6 Bar
0.5 CFM 1 CFM
MOC Contact parts : SS 316, others Parts : SS 304, Structure : MS powder coated
Application Specialty chemicals, highly flammable products, solvents, acid, petroleum products, pesticide, pharmaceutical syrup etc.
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