Rinsing, hot-filling & capping for juice

RFC-HOT FILL series 3-in-1 tri block machine is composed of rinser, filler and capper, with HOT Filling technology with dual port valve which keeps juice & pulp in different flow. suitable for filling fruit juice with natural pulp. The advanced technology of filling evacuate for long shelf line of product and is manufactured according to fruit juice/ juice with pulp/ premium juices production technical requirement. It uses Dual valve HOT filling method for higher production rate & long shelf line of product.

RFC series machine is a fully automatic multi-functional combined machine integrating washing, filling and capping into single body. This machine is equipped with advanced man-machine interfacial control technology with all necessary automation with PLC. It works on hanging neck holding method. Hence, no changeover is required to fill different sizes of bottles from 200ml to 2 liters.

  • Intelligent machine with Inbuilt Touchscreen HMI panel devices with variable speed AC Drive for regulation of operating speed during production.
  • Can fill juice with pulp at higher temperature 70 to 95 degrees centigrade.
  • Separate juice & water inlets with automatic measuring & bypass system.
  • Fully integrated 2 tanks CIP system with single stage & double stage CIP facility.
  • Can be compatible with online RTS processing section, cooling tunnel, RO plant, Labeling Machine or Ink Jet Printer, Shrink wrapping machine & Online PET blow molding machine.
  • available with integrated IOT application for remotely accessing the machine & saving the production data on Daily, Monthly, Yearly Basis in any portable device.
  • No Bottle - No Rinse - No Fill - No Cap.
  • Unique Pick & Place type Capping operation with torque adjustable magnetic capping heads.
  • Automatic Cap elevator cum orientor with automatic wrong cap diverter system to reduce machine stop time.
  • All the parts including the processing section, main valve, storage tank, filling tank, Hose pipe, & pump are connected by tri-clamp for easy disassembling during the cleaning process.
  • High grade silicone seals with tri-clamp based connection for long life.
  • Customized SS 316 nozzles for maximum flow & zero dripping.
  • Drive is on chain of gears (Not Indexing Cam) hence low on maintenance.
  • Speed Control by AC variable frequency Drive for regulation of operating speed with synchronization.
  • PLC based centralized lubrication system.
  • Pre & Hepa filter for infeed air conveyer blower.
  • All electrical motors are protected individually by Overload Thermal Relays for safety.
  • Can handle all bottle sizes ranging from 200 ml to 2000 ml.
  • Stainless Steel enclosure with acrylic doors provided for complete hygienic bottling with safety.
No. of Heads 8-8-4 12-16-6 18-18-6 24-24-8 32-32-10 40-40-12
Capacity @ 600 ml. 2400 BPH 3600 BPH 5400 BPH 7200 BPH 7200 BPH 7200 BPH
Rinsing Water Consumption
@ 0.2 ~ 0.25 Mpa
200 Ltr / hr 350 Ltr / hr 500 Ltr / hr 700 Ltr / hr 800 Ltr / hr 1000 Ltr / hr
Compressed Air Consumption
@ 4 to 6 Bar
2.5 CFM 2.5 CFM 3 CFM 3.5 CFM 3.5 CFM 4 CFM
Electric Power 5.2 KW 5.2 KW 5.9 KW 7.5 KW 7.5 KW 10 KW
Electric Power 200 ml to 2000 ml
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